Martin « Hák » Hák

Martin is truly a Renaissance man, doing IT in a bank by the day, writing poems at night. He plays Australian football at weekends and spends lot of time with his two sons. He likes to give junk advice, he is often right, and yet we like him and have entrusted him with the technical part of our project.

Luboš  « Lubák » Malý

Luboš is characterized by three words: efficiency, innovation and charity. He is the last person to call when you want to spend a relaxing weekend by the water, but the first one when you need to arrange something. We have done it and we definitely do not regret it because his word is absolutely reliable.

Ondřej « Dede » Svoboda

Ondra has a gift to inspire people for things he is passionate about, as well as a gift to get passionate for any good purpose, regardless of feasibility. The result of this explosive cocktail is that we‘ve embarked on an ambitious project to improve the world. We are sure that Ondra will inspire you as well.

Lucille Packo

Graphic designer always there to help on crazy projects even if it means that she won’t sleep. Lucille is the one who created our logo.

Martin Lerch

He is the guy who is behind our MVP and keeps improving the platform based on our testing and feedback from the users and participants to local nest events

Karolína Monincová

Proper execution is needed and we’re ready. Karolina organises events and makes sure our communities have all the support they dream of.