Production matrix

This is what we’re going to be delivering. There are two perspectives to it:

  1. users correspond to different layers of earthnest or in other words different levels of involvment.
  2. units are artefacts of our activity but they may be seen as well as products or values we deliver.
The single cells represent a role the respective group of users have within the context of the referred unit.


There are four types of users corresponding to four levels of involvement in the earthnest project:

  1. core team are those that run the project – stockholders and managers
  2. ambassadors are those that build local nests making the project expand
  3. influencer is anybody who shares their experience in the network
  4. we refer to passive users here as to others


There are three products that form the foundation of the earthnest system. Others may be added any time in future when suitable or necessary.
  1. the platform is a database system with frontend and API’s where users share their recommandations and find recommandations of others
  2. the events are thematic meetings (virtual or personal) of the members of the community where they do live what the platform enables remotely thus building trust and understanding
  3. the information channels are means of spreading information in a manner that is complementary to those mentioned above


By the end of 2020, we’ll have accomplished:

  • 256 contributions into the database
  • 16 events with our organisation or contribution
  • 4 issues of our newsletter
  • 1 prototype of a new kind of business not mentioned above
By the and of 2024, there will be:
  • 16 members of the core team
  • 128 ambassadors all over the world
  • more than 4000 active influencers involved
  • more than 2 000 000 users of our products worldwide

Progression matrix

This is the core of our strategy – a year by year plan of how to get from zero to stars. For each year, it sets a bundle of elements that we shell focus on:

  1. key activity is a thing we should do most of our time
  2. key skill is a competency we must ensure before even trying to succeed
  3. main advancement is a quality we should achieve by the end of the year
  4. means are the tools that we shell be using
  5. metrics are the indicators that will track our progress
  6. aspirations are major milestones that would coronate our effort and results


The obvious reason for not making the full scale full pack shiny and perfect platform right off is… we can’t. Doing so will require acquiring necessary resources, skills and tools first. Unluckily, neither this can be done yet. This acquisition requires many things out of our current reach as well, and so forth, at least four times. Luckily, we are aware of it and so we’ve build the roadmap, where each step (year) features different focus and activities because it „only“ prepares us for performing the next. This is how the reasoning goes by year by year:

  • In 2024, we’ll hit our first BHAG target and fulfil our vision. The business activities of earthnest will be executed by self-sustained steward-owned company or companies.
  • By 2023, we must be able to scale the business and hit the break even point. This only can happen if the outcomes of our work become real products with controlled process of making, costs, quality and value delivered.
  • In 2022, we must be able to deliver on the promise, so that we create traction to reach relevant market shares. This will happen thanks to programs – coordinated projects in various fields of the business leading to major achievements in terms of economic success and social impact.
  • Latest in 2021, we’ll have to move from sandbox into the real world start making serious business. Doing anything won’t be enough anymore and so we’ll bundle our activities into projects aiming towards specific goal such as reaching a segment of public, gaining key competency for the team or improve our product.
  • For 2020, see the Performance matrix.

Processing matrix

As the 2020 year is all about learning, the majority of activities is in „meta“ position to the Production matrix – once mastered, they will be only supportive and want get any focus or precedence but until then, they’re crucial. There are four domains:
  1. organisation is everything related to the team
  2. investments mean all resources and flows
  3. aliances encompass relations to the outer world
  4. exploration is self-explaining
…and four perspectives:
  1. original is what comes from within the team
  2. influencial refers to the power of our arguments, tools and products
  3. agregational encompasses the relationships, cooperation and synergies
  4. expansional perspective represent the growth and development
No matter how strange this table is, the one and only important thing is, that we have the answers to all the questions in its cells at the end of 2020.

Performance matrix

Here are targets for each question in the Processing matrix. All of them are along with targets broken down into milestones in our calendar.