how we gonna make it

our story

As for many other stories, at the beginning there was a problem. Ondrej was looking for new sunglasses. He wanted the most local and socio-environmental friendly ones. He spent hours on Google and other web sites, unsuccessfully. Finally, he found them in a local shop thanks to his friend who gave him the hint. He was happy, but since then he has been thinking about some better solution to find more easily products and services with positive social and environmental impact. Fortunately, few years later, Martin, an old friend, showed up and suddenly things started moving. Lubos joined in the ideation phase and from that moment our team keeps growing, product evolving and idea expanding. Nevertheless, we keep still in mind our ultimate goal to help people find the services and products in line with their values.

our future

We’ve set on a hard and advanturous journey but we know every step on the path we chose is worthy. Currently we’re dealing with the following challenges:

  • Operations
    • Regularity of meet-ups
    • Regularity of the newsletter
  • Grouth
    • How to fill up the platform database
    • How to assure integrity and avoid spam
  • Marketing
    • How to reach the target segment
    • How to involve people just outside the target segment
  • Partnerships
    • Setting up new nests
    • Accelerator applications

business model

Expected sources:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Promotory events
  • Crowdfunding
  • Consulting

Should you feel willing to help, don’t hesitate and contact us.

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