Our platform is built to share your best tips and to find inspiration easily. You‘ll discover products and services recommended by real people who care about fundamental values.

Currently, we’re perfonming A/B testing and so we run two versions of it:

Let us know which one you preffer.


finding what you’re looking for

Just type into the search box whatever you feel like you need and hit Submit. If we didn’t show you anything, nobody submitted anything like it on the platform and you may be the first one! …or you’ve made a typo – we’re working hard to become as good as Google at knowing what you meant but we’re not quite there yet.

You may focus the search on a specific value that the recommendation should support. Choose from the „all tags“ drop down menu. You may as well focus on one of the following categories (types of items):

TIP: save and share the URL of your favourite searches.

can I trust what I see?

Definitely! We guarantee that people posting recommendations are trustworthy and their intentions are in line with our values. Thanks to the post meta-data, you may see who and when published it and our ambassadors aprove every one of them. Finally, you can see how the post does in eyes of those who tried the recommendation thanks to comments and rating.

commenting and rating

Once you try a recommendation, you may want to rate it or leave a comment. All you have to do is register and/or log in before you do. It’s standard and easy WordPress function and all it requires is your e-mail address.

sharing my own recommendations

Yes, everyone is a an influencer and we’ll happily help you to let the world know. Please send us a note after you register your account or contact one of our ambassadors.

becomming an ambassador

If you are keen to organise a community around you, we’ll provide you with the necessary tools and you’ll be given according privilleges on the platform:

missing feature or bug?

please don’t hesitate to contact us

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