Finding and sharing solutions for sustainable future

“The fuel for our concept is trust and collective intelligence.”


Our goal is to encourage local communities to share their tips and experiences on products and services that have a positive impact on the society and the environment.

We are building a new marketplace category where social and environmental impact means more than just profit

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Our vision

A global platform based on collective intelligence

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Communities of people who know that sharing is a joy and a sustainable future is a must.
Our dream is to find and connect such communities around the world.

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earthnest TALKS

(not) Regular meetings on topics related to a sustainable future.
Find your next talk and meet inspiring people who share their tips and insights on products and services with an impact, or be inspired by past talents.

earthnest market

A place to find products and services with a positive social and environmental impact.
- Currently on hold, we are working on a new version -

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Where the size color wealth religion doesn't matter

only values engagements real goals do