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earthnest project

We are building a new category of marketplace where social and environmental impact counts more than just a profit.

Our goal is to encourage local communities to share their tips & tricks about products and services with positive social & environmental impact.

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Our vision

Global platform powered by Collective Intelligence

“The fuel for our concept is trust and collective intelligence.”



We are convinced that the technology should support real human interaction. That’s why we are building local communities, called Nests.
Every month these communities meet around the globe at so called “earthnest talks” to discuss and share tips&tricks concerning one of the global topics.
The best tips are shared on our platform with the whole community.


This is the place where you can only find products and services recommended by the earthnest community.
Our goal is to make it easy to become consum’actor. Thanks to your purchase you directly participate in more sustainable and fair World.


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All started as a side project between friends searching to make simple to find products and services in line with our values. Hence, values such us trust, friendship, open-mindedness and creativity are the basis of our team. Join us!

Luboš Malý

Director Knowledge Management Lego Group

Karolína Monincová

earthnest ambassador
Scrum Master at Innovation Roadshow by Red Button

Martin Hák

earthnest Co-Founder
IT Product Manager at CSOB

Lucille Packo

Graphic & Motion designer

Ondřej Svoboda

earthnest Co-Founder
serial entrepreneur


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

When we say POSITIVE social and/or environmental impact, we mean the way of production, the life cycle of the product and the social responsibility of companies/individuals who produce and sale it. 

How do we measure it? We do believe that collective intelligence is the best valuation process, thus we trust our communities to evaluate the products & services that we share on our platform. Our 

Local Nests are groups of people who organise regular meetups called “earthnest talks”  where people share their best tips about products and services with positive social and/or environmental impact. Nests are led by locals who applied to be organisers (on earthnest.info) and accepted our value charter.

On our platform we share tips recommanded by the participants to earthnest talks, the Nest leaders, recognized influencers or discover by our team. We use our Value’ation methodology to select those who you’ll be able to find on the “earthnest market“.

Our goal is to suggest you several options to buy the product or service regarding the social and environmental impact of your purchase. If the best is to buy it on your local market, we’ll encourage you to do so

Check on our website if there is already a local Nest in your city or nearby. If yes, just find the next earthnest talk, register and join the discussions. Generally it’s free and everybody is welcome.

You did not find a local Nest close to your place? You are motivated and would like to start one? Just apply on our website and we will contact you soon to discuss with you how to make it happen!

We recommend finding inspiring places in line with the topic to be discussed. Local brewery when we are talking about local production, sheltered workshops cafes when talking about inclusion and social impact or just having a zero-waste picnic when the topic is composting 

We strongly encourage local organisers to schedule monthly meetups, but we understand that it’s not always possible due to their personal and professional occupations. The minimum engagement is one meetup every 3 months.

Local organisers are free to decide the format. We give them a suggested program based on our own experience and they can adapt it to their participants. The only thing we ask, is to share on the platform at least one product or service after each talk. 

Generally, people meet and share their experiences and questions about the topic. At one point, the group should decide what would be the most useful to be shared with the others on the plateform.

Our goal is to participate in reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We selected 5 main topics to be discussed around the globe during the same months: