Sustainability Roadshow

15 October - 15 December 2022

One concept, 15 events


Specialists open to share their feedback on the solutions helping in achieving SDGs 2030


Gently moderated and open discussions with the objective to amplify impactful products, services and projects.

75 minutes

10 minutes specific SDG introduction
15 minutes pitch of a solution
20 minutes discussion with an expert
10 minutes Q&A
20 minutes related topic tips&tricks sharing


Anyone and anywhere can apply to organize one or more events on the SDGs topics. Only two requirements: respect the format and share the content.


Inspiring entrepreneurs aiming to resolve current challenges present their solutions for sustainable future.


All solutions will be shared on our platform and available to those who are looking for inspiration or concrete ways to achieve SDGs 2030

Be part of the Sustainability Roadshow 2022

Are you an entrepreneur?
Present your solution

Are you ready to help people and the Planet with your business, service or invention? Don't hesitate and show your solution to the World. Our challenging experts and motivated crowd of people interested in sustainability awaits you!

Are you a sustainability expert?
Provide your expertise

If you are an expert in a field of sustainability and you can provide a constructive feedback on the solutions to its problems, we want you! Join us, expand your network and increase your impact

Are you a company or an organization?
Become a partner

In our open concept and open hearts, there's always a place for new friendships and cooperation. We provide an opportunity for volunteers as well as for partnerships with projects having similar goals.


Join one or more events, meet experts and entrepreneurs who found concrete answers to sustainability challenges. Share your tips for sustainable solutions with other participants around the world. Be part of the community that wants to roll-up their sleeves and make an impact.

I want help with organization

We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our organizational team. Join us and be part of a project that makes sense. We look forward to meeting you!

I want to participate

Choose one or more events, live or online, depending on your time and interest. One thing you can be sure of: each event will be great.

Finding and sharing solutions for sustainable future

"We need achievable and practical solutions"


Sustainability is a key topic for upcoming years. It’s no longer a question of why but rather how. Visions and political claims are important. However, we need achievable and practical solutions that can spread across our communities and companies.

Turning inspiration to action and scaling-up already existing solutions hand in hand with systemic changes is the way forward.

The Sustainability Roadshow by earthnest is your shortcut.