our principles: trust chain


Today my friend was asking me some questions about earthnest and one of the first was: ‚So if I’m interested in the supply chain, and looking for a bag for example, I can come to your site and find a bag that you verified and so you guarantee that the supply channel is ok?‘ Well, the answer is no. But eathnest is better than that. We don’t want to become a market place nor a certifying authority. We are a platform and community. And so we’ll let you find somebody you can trust, likely somebody you trust already – no adds, no stars, no reviews, just their profile, who has the same values in life as you do and shop like them. It may seem less tangible but it’s much more powerfull. Like that we don’t provide products but trust and instead of running in all possible categories and domains, we can focus on the main and that is the integrity of the platform itself. Therefore, our goal is to create opportunity for people that trust each other connect and shop according to their values. We know it’s more work but we believe it will get us where we want to be.

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