Martin’s journey: rotten avocado case


martin’s rotten avocado

Yesterday I bought an avocado in a local supermarket. I didn’t notice it was broken and because of that it got rotten before we could eat it. Bad luck. And a problem because it’s not the first time it happened to me at all. Well, there are many things that I could do to avoid it in future, like being more cautious, learn how to pick the right piece or improve handling and storage. I could also demand the last from the shop or choose a different one that offers better avocados…

However, it got me thinking of some trickier questions. Is it right to buy avocados in Czechia at first place? The fruit travels tens of thousands of kilometers to get here. The thing is, I love avocados, I would eat them every day if it wasn’t for the high price and poor quality. And for the ecological concerns. So I ask you, my friends:

Is it OK to buy avocados in Czechia? If yes, then to what extend? Is it worst or better than meat? Do you know any shop that can provide quality avocados? And with respect to the environment? And if not, can you think of a local substitute? I’ll be really glad to hear from you in person or in the discussion below.

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