Martin’s journey: starting from zero


When we launched earthnest, I thought we would have two groups of users: influencers, people ahead of the peloton in one domain and followers who would share the same values and copy the behaviour of their idols. I counted myself into the second group and considered it a disadvantage. Luckily, the numerous workshops, meet-ups and presentations we organized have tought me I was wrong in both.

First, there’s only one audience, one group, one community. The needs of those experienced don’t differ from the needs of beginners and the ability to share valuable insights is well present in those who have just started as well as in those that are yet used to do it every day. We can learn from eachother in million ways and the only conditions are open mind and good intent.

Second, being the last who would feel like giving a shopping advice is not a disadvantage when making a tool that should make the sharing easy and effective. Quite the contrary. When I talk about values I keep at heart (ecology, fairness, freedom, charity) , I hardly know any answer. But I know the questions. And the first is: will you, who respect the same values, help me?

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